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Who we are?

  • 20+ Staff Accountants
  • 30+ Bookkeeping Clients
  • 10,000+ Tax Returns in a Year

Why Outsourcing

Quality, Reliability, Availibility and 24 hour turn around

Our Infrastructure

  • 75 Dual-monitor workstations
  • 10 MBPS internet connectivity
  • 2 USA toll-free phones
  • 2 USA toll-free fax lines
  • UPS with back-up generator
  • 5000 sq. ft. office
  • Secure Data servers in USA
  • Online bookkeeping Work Tracking
  • Biometric Access Control

Why choose ASVOUTSOURCING.COM for your outsourcing needs?
The quick answer is that we provide services that are both:
  • High Quality: Qualified, reliable, fluent, knowledgeable, technical personnel
  • Low Cost: Prices starting at only $4.03 per hour
Do you get what you pay for?

Some people assume that "You get what you pay for", but that does not really apply when it comes to outsourcing offshore. What seems cheap to you is often enough to buy first-class services in India. That is simply due to the difference between wages and cost-of-living in those countries compared with many western countries.

High Quality

To provide high quality service it takes:
  • Substantial technical knowledge
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Careful planning
  • Fussy staff recruitment policies
  • Ongoing training

Some features of our company include:
  • A solid record of planning and reliability. From Day One we have been focused on building a strong infrastructure to enable our company to expand rapidly without our level of service diminishing.
  • We have achieved exceptional growth since we opened in November 2003 and are now a substantial company. In fact we are told that the Secretary of IT has been informed of our "phenomenal growth" by government officials in contact with us.
  • We have a comprehensive control panel (customer center) to ensure that our service to you is organized, systematic, accountable, well-informed and customized to your needs.
  • We are based in first-class IT facilities in India, with stable electricity (100% backup), UPS, redundant ISPs (different providers) and structured network facilities.
  • We operate a flexible and friendly work environment. Unlike some of our competitors, our team members work only 8 hours a day and are empowered to do their jobs. The well-being and job satisfaction of our team members is important to us.
  • We hire the right people. In fact, we are obsessed with talent! We have a rigorous, systematic recruitment process and do not compromise on quality when employing people. We are able to hire the best due to our generous wages and attractive work environment.
  • You can expect a reasonable quality of service from the first day you join us. Naturally though, you will also see improvement over subsequent weeks. We reject the claim sometimes made by our competitors that it is acceptable for it to take a month or more before your outsourced service company reaches a reasonable level of service. Unless your systems are completely non-standard, a solid level of service should be delivered from Day One.

Low Cost

We can provide you with a complete outsourcing solution for a fraction of what it is currently costing you in time, wages and infrastructure expenditure. No need for you to worry about office space, furniture, salaries and health benefits!

Prices start at just US$4.03 per hour!
Our Credentials

Our Clients in USA

  • We are providing our excellent our sourcing service to CPA firms, Lawyers, Doctors, Small Businesses.
  • We are providing our excellent our sourcing service to CPA firms, Lawyers, Doctors, Small Businesses.

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