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Who we are?

  • 20+ Staff Accountants
  • 30+ Bookkeeping Clients
  • 10,000+ Tax Returns in a Year

Why Outsourcing

Quality, Reliability, Availibility and 24 hour turn around

Our Infrastructure

  • 75 Dual-monitor workstations
  • 10 MBPS internet connectivity
  • 2 USA toll-free phones
  • 2 USA toll-free fax lines
  • UPS with back-up generator
  • 5000 sq. ft. office
  • Secure Data servers in USA
  • Online bookkeeping Work Tracking
  • Biometric Access Control


Plans and Prices

Reliable, hard-working data entry clerks are available to carry out your data entry and other basic clerical tasks.


Tasks Covered

Your Data Entry Clerk can perform the following tasks:

  • Data entry;
  • Data gathering or data mining (e.g. online searches);
  • Routine tasks such as order processing;
  • Preparation of slide show presentations based on content provided by you;
  • Typing tasks; and
  • Other basic clerical tasks.


Skills Profile

Our Data Entry Clerks have been selected on the basis of their:

  • Good written English
  • Typing proficiency
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Efficiency
  • Basic computing skills
  • Work ethic


Software Available

Our Data Entry Clerks are provided with software to carry out the following types of tasks:

  • Web browsing (Mozilla Firefox and Opera);
  • Communicating via email (Mozilla Thunderbird);
  • Communicating via instant messenger (text-based only) (Yahoo, AOL, ICQ and MSN supported);
  • Word processing (OpenOffice - Microsoft Word documents can be imported and PDF documents can be produced);
  • Preparing and viewing spreadsheets (OpenOffice - Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are supported);
  • Preparing and viewing slide shows / presentations (OpenOffice - Powerpoint presentations can be imported).

If you require other software then it can usually be arranged but we need to pass the associated costs on to you, including a 20% finance and administration surcharge.


Interact with your assigned staff

You can interact with your assigned Data Entry Clerk via:

  • Email - we will notify you of an email address which you can use to directly contact the staff assigned to you. Your assigned staff can also respond directly to you;
  • Instant messenger - we will provide an instant messenger address at which you can directly contact the staff assigned to you at any time during your daily service period; and
  • Job Tracker - we provide a task management system in our customer center which you can use to provide instructions and files to your assigned staff.

Please note that phone support is not provided under our Data Entry Clerk plans.


Standard and Premium

We provide Data Entry Clerks at two quality levels to give you the flexibility to choose the service which best suits you. Compared with those at the Standard level, Data Entry Clerks at the Premium level have higher quality English, faster typing skills and/or more capacity to undertake tasks under limited direction.



We provide basic supervision only. That is, we ensure that your assigned staff attend work on time and work diligently while at work.

We do not provide advanced supervision, meaning that we do not oversee the actual tasks undertaken. Rather, you would need to directly interact with your assigned staff to ensure that work is being carried out to your satisfaction. You would also need to be sure to assign sufficient, clearly-defined work and to monitor work progress in order to get as much value as possible out of your paid support period.


Number of Hours Worked

Full-time Data Entry Clerks work 8 hours per day (including a meal break) and Part-time Data Entry Clerks work 4 hours per day (including a meal break). All staff work five days per week (Monday to Friday).

Your assigned Data Entry Clerk will work exclusively for you throughout your daily service period, and will not be assigned to any other customer during that time.


Shift Times

Our staff work during one of the following three shifts:

  • 6am-2pm local time
  • 2pm-10pm local time
  • 10pm-6am local time

We have staff in India. The time zone in India is GMT +5:30.

Please note too that for the health and welfare of our staff regular shift rotation is necessary. This means that generally your assigned staff member will change shifts on a monthly basis.


14-Day Money Back Guarantee - We have a reputation for quality and professionalism so we are confident that you will be delighted with our service. For your peace of mind though, we provide a 14-day money-back guarantee under which, if you are not completely satisfied with our service, you can cancel within the first 14 days of the first month and we will refund the unused proportion of your fees in full.

Our Credentials

Our Clients in USA

  • We are providing our excellent our sourcing service to CPA firms, Lawyers, Doctors, Small Businesses.
  • We are providing our excellent our sourcing service to CPA firms, Lawyers, Doctors, Small Businesses.

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